Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Beki Wallace AATQB MIAB.

CEO, Accounting Coach & Author

So here is a little bit about me, the author.

As a female entrepreneur, wearing many hats, it’s hard to know where to start.

CEO, Wallace Accountancy & Bookkeeping

My accounting journey started back in 2013. After qualifying and licensing I set up my practice, building it into a successful bookkeeping business.

I enjoy helping people understand their business finances, to facilitate better and smarter decision making, to achieve growth and success.

Bookkeeping Consultant

Providing mentorship and accounting consultancy to fellow Bookkeepers trying to get into the profession brings me great satisfaction.

I run an online learning and support platform, helping people to achieve their dreams.


As well as this blog, I have published various articles & ebooks.

I recently produced a book “The Balanced Bookkeeper”, soon to be published, to help further provide my support to students across the country.

Other Professions

As I mentioned, I wear many hats, so I feel it would be unjust to stop at just three. So here is a few other things I’ve been involved in.

  • Therapeutic Support Worker for children and their families with complex needs
  • Music Tutor catering to the elderly & disabled
  • Inspirations Speaker & Educator
  • Wife & mum of two small children

In a nut shell this is me. I love helping people and sharing my knowledge with the world. I hope you find my blog useful and helpful to you.

If you wish to contact me, here’s my links:

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