Some may think this is not important, but having a filling system in place ensures organisation, efficiency and clarity.

Filing refers to the organisation and arrangement of files and documents in both paper and electronic format. 

With data protection and GDPR guidance business owners are all required to keep information in a safe place, taking measures to protect confidential data.

Many waste time looking for one bit of information because there is no filing system.

Being able to find files easily and quickly will save time and money.

When hiring or outsourcing, one of the first things they might ask is what filing system is in place.

How should files be organised? alphabetical, numerical, date, group etc.

If information is shared with others they should be able to find the information required in minimal time.

As society moves into a more digital era, many businesses have now become paperless and utilize the various online document management systems.

Many online filing systems are free and they make managing and sharing information even simpler and quicker.

Have fun filing!


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